Failed Sonnet For My Father Analysis

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Sangeeta Rana “Failed Sonnet For My Father” is a sonnet written by Susan Elmslie that talks about someone who has been asleep for a very long time in the ICU waiting to wake up as season pass and go. The author uses different types of techniques such as imagery and the T sound. In this sonnet, while reading you can image the scene happening in your head. In the first stanza the author describes the weather in general. In the beginning when you read the first line the first image that pops in your mind is about winter because at the end of it she writes “waiting for the first snow”. So you know that winter is here yet. When you continue reading you can say that in the sonnet it is presently fall with this line “There are leaves still on the …show more content…

The image that I get from the second part is that a person is on lying down a hospital bed with a heart monitor beside him. It is kind of a sad image that it gives me. In the third stanza the author describes the problem. In this stanza you understand what is happening. What I image is that this person who is lying on a hospital bed was doing drugs since the author wrote “with nicotine it's trembling”. This for me make me feel sad because maybe that person took too much and gotten overdosed. In the next line the author writes “we pretended I was just cutting school” the image I get from that line is that this person was not cutting school but cutting himself because we do not really say cutting school we mostly say skipping school, which is really depressing. Now we have the last stanza, the imagery I get from these two lines is that this person who is lying down on the bed is actually in coma because of this line “I hold onto you like an unopened present”. I get this kind of image in my mind because every time you get a present you are always eager to open it you just can not wait, so this other person who is there holding into the one who is in coma is just waiting for the time where that person is going to open his eyes and wake up. In the last line I can say that it has been quite a long time since the person has been in coma just waiting to come

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