False Witnesses In The Crucible

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False witnesses have been a problem for as long as humans have been around, from the Salem Witch Trials to the Mccarthyism times. False witnesses mess with people's lives and are a nuisance to the judicial system. They can turn a guilty verdict to a not guilty, or vise versa. It is an issue we have in the world and is something that has to be dealt with and correct to make our court system fair to the people of this world. False witnesses are not good, they are a problem is around, and they can be stopped. First, false witnesses are bad in many different ways and can do things to change people's lives. A false witness is a witness that gives a false statement willingly or because he is bribed or blackmailed in a way (O’Grady). This means that anyone can become a false witness and play with the judicial system in a way that usually is not justified or fair. False witnesses are not good to the …show more content…

They are starting to be released as an issue and some people are trying to stop them. The arrest of innocent people raises questions on the account of false witnesses ( Hezbollah). This shows things are being noticed and trying to change. One of these people is Justice Henry. Justice Henry says there needs to be substantial penalties for false witnesses (Ekert). From this one can conclude that people are trying to stop false witnesses. This is happening by sending them to jail. Three false witnesses in a murder case received double-digit prison sentences (O’Grady). This shows that people are taking steps to the right path of justice. A more specific example can be Austasia Kapteyn. Austasia Kapteyn was jailed for giving false testimonies to police and lying to them (Ekert). The author is trying to state that people are starting to take actions on the accounts of false witnesses. A man named Mr. Lacson is trying to solve these problems with false

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