Farewell To Manzanar Essay

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Coming-of- age of Jeanne in Farewell to Manzanar Introduction Farewell to Manzanar, by Jeanne W. Houston and James Houston, published in 1973, is an autobiographical memoir that describes Jeanne 's experiences during World War II when she and her family were imprisoned in a Japanese internment camp after the bombing of Pearl Harbor because they were Japanese-Americans. Jeanne in the book recounts the indignities she and her family faced in the camp and shows how the conditions at the camp created not only physical discomfort but also emotional suffering leading to the disintegration of the family. After revisiting the site of the camp after several years and on retrospection she realizes that today she is a stronger person because of her difficult experiences. In the book, she argues that her experiences during the war and after the war, the prejudices she had to face before and after the war made her …show more content…

Eyewitness accounts are generally able to convince readers and this book is able to convince readers about its objective through some sincere retelling of events. One feels that one is accompanying Jeanne on her personal journey and that is the strength of the book. The authors not only recount facts and events but take the readers along with them on a journey where they search, examine and understand the truth behind their experiences. Jeanne shares her experience of being a Japanese American during the war and the impact it had on her without any bitterness or self-pity. It is extremely readable as it avoids being academic and relies more on personal experiences. Today, the book is being used by teachers in the United States as a tool to teach the necessity for interracial harmony and human

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