Fate And Freewill: Oedipus And Anakin

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Fate and Freewill: Oedipus and Anakin
Many argue over what really was the main driving force behind the series of events that occurred in the tragic story of Oedipus the King. Some say it was Oedipus’ own actions of his own freewill that lead to his downfall. However, it could also be said that it was his fate all along to suffer. Back in Greek times, it was commonly known that the many gods would toy with the mortals just for their amusement, so it could come as no surprise that Oedipus could’ve been merely a pawn in their numerous games they played with the mortals. However, with this in mind, was it really Oedipus’ fate to suffer all along? Is it a mere coincidence that all of the events that transpire in the story lead to such a terrible …show more content…

“The Force is strong with him.” (Lucas, 1999). Since the force was so strong with him, it can be argued that all of the events that occur in Anakin’s story are not of his own free will, but rather by a fate set before him known as “The Force.” “The Greeks understood that there existed a greater and an older force of destiny that operated through the Olympian will of Zeus but was not identical with it.” (Markos, 38). It can also be argued that Oedipus’s actions were not those of his own free will as well, but by a fate set before him by “The Gods.” Having known this, it appears both stories seem to be driven by a form of fate, however, in Oedipus’ case, it seems it was “The Gods”, and in Anakin’s case, it was “The Force”, but nonetheless, they were both forms of fate. “The Force” and “The Gods” play a similar role in both stories. These external forces are what appear to be the main driving force behind the series of events that occur in both stories. Both stories also share the tragic heroes trying to run from these external forces and escaping their fate. Oedipus does all he can so that the prophecy does not come true. Anakin also tries to run from a prophecy. While Oedipus’s prophecy was that he will kill his father and marry his mother, and although Anakin’s prophecy was that he will bring balance …show more content…

The evidence is that Oedipus’s life couldn’t have all just been coincidence. It’s as if it was played out from the start. This is where we go back and remember that in Greek times, they believed in many Gods who had everybody’s lives all planned out from the moment they are born. “Not even a god can escape his ordained fate. Croesus has paid for the crime of his ancestor, four generations ago, who, though a member of the personal guard of the Heraclidae, gave into a woman’s guile, killed his master, and assumed a station which was not rightfully his at all.” (Nassaar, 148). However, it can be said the reason Oedipus was doomed to suffer from the moment he was born was because a past ancestor of his could have done something that angered the Gods and thus prompted the Gods to curse his family, and unfortunately for Oedipus, he was born into said family and had the curse placed upon him. Family curses were not something unheard of in Greek times, in fact they were pretty common. It is because of these curses that the people always tried to live out good, prosperous lives so as that their family would not be cursed. Through all the similarities Oedipus shares with Anakin Skywalker, the biggest similarity was that both of their lives were driven by different forms of a similar tragic fate. Their lives may have had different circumstances,

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