Fate In The Most Dangerous Game And The Lady Or The Tiger

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Would you let someone determine your fate? In the texts, “The Most Dangerous Game,” by Richard Connell and “The Lady or the Tiger” by Frank R. Stockton, the authors develops the theme of the decision of fate by having one character, choose the fate of another, in “The Most Dangerous Game”, Rainsford let General Zaroff, a man that thought assassinating people was lighthearted pleasure, determine whether he lived or died. Also, the lover from, “The Lady or The Tiger” asks the princess to determine his fate.

In “The Most Dangerous Game,” General Zaroff stated that he invented a “game”and also an animal . On page 29, paragraph 8, he claimed that he had the invented new things, but Rainsford finds out that they were animals. General Zaroff wanted Rainsford to “hunt” with him but when Rainsford denied he became one of the animals himself. But General Zaroff determined his fate whenever he noticed him in a tree but didn't kill him. On page 36, paragraph , It states, “The general’s eyes had left the ground and were traveling inch by inch up the …show more content…

Meanwhile, he was caught by the king and thrown in jail. On page 14, paragraph it states,”The criminal would not know out of which door would come to the lady: he opened either he pleased, without having the slightest idea whether, in the next instant , he was to be devoured or married.” He really doesn't know if what's really going to happen. Secondly, the princess finds out what’s in each door and she thinks it’s all a game. On page 17 , paragraph 2 it states, "The girl was lovely, but she had dared to raise her eyes to the loved one of the princess: and, with all the intensity of the savage blood transmitted to her through long lines of wholly barbaric ancestors, she hated the woman who blushed and trembled behind that silent door she see him talking to another girl and she gets jealous. Will, she picks for his benefit or her

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