Fear In A Streetcar Named Desire

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Williams’ characterization of Blanche as a character of many layers and different emotions is particularly evident in this scene as he presents her in different lights through different mediums. In this scene, Blanche is presented as afraid. This effect is achieved through Blanche’s actions, which are revealed to us by stage directions. “She looks fearfully after him” this explicitly unveils to the audience Blanche’s reaction to Mitch’s arrival as well as his attitude. The adverb “fearfully” adequately captures Blanche’s true feelings; passing across the idea of fear to the audience. In addition to this effect, the phrase “after him”, directs Blanche’s emotion to a particular person and the audience understands that Blanche’s reaction is due to Mitch’s presence. …show more content…

Actions such as her “frightened gasp” show her instability and insecurity, the word “frightened” shows her fear, while “gasp” presents her surprise. The audience is then able to link her reaction to Mitch to her reaction to Stanley in previous scenes. Both characters seem to display violent attitudes. We are then able to compare and notify the similarities, thus reaching the conclusion on Blanche’s reaction to violence, which is one of fear. Fear is not only shown through her reaction to Mitch but it also manifests itself in Blanche’s stance. Before Mitch even arrives she is “seated in a hunched position”, which gives evidence of insecurity. The word “hunched” shows oppression as she is unable to sit straight, this depicts fear of something or someone, she doesn’t have the confidence and so she remains in her

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