Fear In Speak By Laurie Halse Anderson

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Fear is the unpleasant feeling caused by the thought of being in danger possibly causing pain. There are many examples of fear. It can be seen as the close call with death, the hope to never be caught by another predator. Fear can also be a source for making the most wisest decisions, to stay alive, or to keep out of unnecessary trouble. Fear can be beaten, overcome with and can be conquered. [Text] Fear is a very strong feeling. There are many fears of many things. It scares people half to death, it can keep them out of harm's way. Fear is also used in literature, and many novels including Speak By Laurie Halse Anderson. Speak is a novel about a 9th Grade girl named Melinda Sordino, who is raped by her attacker named Andy Evans. Melinda goes silent after the rape and eventually gains the confidence to fight back. In the novel she was trapped, she said, “The only sound I can make is a whimper.” but her spirit and soul remained intact but she was silent, invisible, and anointed. On page 194 where the quote above is located, Melinda was ready to finally rise and she did, but when Andy came to her den, she became frightened, and scared by …show more content…

She is an iconic character for overcoming The Beast. There are many other examples, of her fear and especially overcoming it everywhere in many stories. For example, a song titled “I Walk To My Own Song” By Stratovarius, in a stanza it says, “High I fly, I touch the sky, Far above the frozen minds, You can't kill my dreams, You can't kill my spirit, I was born to be free.” Melinda was very much pinned down after being raped, but she then rises above Evans and screams no. She shows that she cannot be touched, she flew high, and she showed Evans then in the closet that she is better than him, that Evans cannot kill her dreams or spirit. Melinda was always meant to be free, and not to be guided and forced to hide from IT. In that time Melinda had beaten

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