Felix Navidad Didn T Die

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After investigating the death of Felix Navidad, I have come to the conclusion that Felix Navidad isn’t dead and never really died. It was all part of his scheme to start a new life. I mean think about it. Why else would his body just disappear? Or why would there be evidence traced back to everybody? Below I have stated my reasons for why I believe Felix Navidad didn’t die. There is evidence that leads to all the suspects. All of them don’t have the same amount of evidence but there is at least one thing that can be traced back to them. Vera’s cologne was found on a towel. Gene’s fingerprints were found on Felix’s cup. Kendra had white powder that was used for the fake blood found on the crime scene on the bottom of her shoe. Alfredo’s soda …show more content…

Dead bodies just don’t disappear unless the body wasn’t dead to begin with. Which is exactly the case with Felix. Before Felix “died” he was given something from Vera who is a chemist to make it appear that he was dead. Once the police arrived and his body was on the way to the morgue whatever Vera prescribed him wore off and his deserted the truck/car that was transporting him to the morgue. This is the only possible way that body could have just up and disappeared. Now that I have told you how Felix executed his plan you may be wondering why Felix would execute this plan. Although Felix grew up with a bunch of expensive things he was never given a bunch of love. He dropped out of college, could never keep a job for more than a month, and was not really well liked. Not even the four people whom he considered his closest friends truly liked him at all. To make matters worse his parents died a year ago. All that tragedy could cause someone to become bitter and miserable. Which is what Felix became. Felix then probably got tired of being miserable and once he inherited his parents money he decided it was the perfect time for him to disappear. So he bought a house in an expensive neighborhood to make it seem he was settling down and when he invited his “friends” over he

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