Figurative Language In The Tell Tale Heart

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“The Tell-Tale Heart” is Something That’ll Capture Your Interests There’s a lot of great suspense stories out there and most people prefer the new or popular ones instead of the classics. A good thing about English class is that you tackle the classics thus giving you a chance to see the differences between the assortments of the classic stories. I’ve read a lot of good mystery/suspense stories in this class but only one stood out to me the most and that is Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart”. Reading the story is definitely something worth your time because it has a very convincing character, it possesses very important points you look for in a story and lastly, imagery along with figurative language was definitely considered in the thought of writing this story. …show more content…

Edgar Allen Poe’s character in his “The Tell-Tale Heart”, the narrator, is an example of a convincing character. The personality of the main character was impressively built up. The way that Poe wrote the narrator’s perspective and his existence felt like he was actually alive, a breathing, insane -yet smart- human. Since the character was made to feel real, it was enough to put you in daze and make you feel that you and the character are one, that you’re not just the reader. Regarding the character’s personality, it shows that he was quite insane for committing murder for an absolutely foolish reason and Poe did a great job expressing the insane narrator’s character

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