Figurative Language In Truman Capote's In Cold Blood

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Symbolisms are significantly meaningful to thoroughly produce an influential impact on humanity’s understanding of life and death. It can either mold an atmosphere of assurance to a nation or a condition of skepticism and turmoil to a society. In “In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote, there are countless of powerful imageries that establish the harsh reality of violence through thrilling uses of figurative language. To initiate, Truman Capote uses substantial diction to create a candid, yet gloomy tone. Capote attempts to deliver only the facts of what had happened to Holcomb city. The author expresses that no one in the small peaceful city heard the “four shotgun blasts” that “ended six human lives” (Part 1, page 5). Truman wants to remain unbiased …show more content…

There is a plethora of unique strategies to compare the bodies of the Clutter family. When the four members of the Clutter family are seen in their caskets, Capote intentionally reminds the reader about the way they were murdered and where they were shot, in detail, by conveying that the Clutter family’s heads were “completely encased in cotton” and had an appearance of a “blown-up balloon” that “twinkled like Christmas-tree snow” (Part 2, page 95). The first impression this quote gives the reader is that the author has an incredibly cynical tone because balloons and Christmas are all joyous and celebratory in matter, but Capote compares the dead bodies, which are mournful and melancholy. This causes a mix of different feelings to the receiver because of its extremely delirious correlation. However, the same interrelationship of the bodies and the warm and cheerful things that Capote deliberately composed is also tragic in tone. It is also signified to formulate that the Clutter family will never be able to celebrate another birthday or another holiday. It’s gone. They’re gone. The Clutter family will never have another joyous moment ever again because of the disturbing realism a society lives in. Capote intentionally created this piece of cruelty and hurt to emphasize the genuineness of this world filled with ferocity and savagery, but also to

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