Examples Of Filial Piety Martin Luther King Jr

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Filial Piety Filial piety generally means respect for one's parents. In the Chinese culture, obeying one's parents is held as one the most important virtues. Confucianism particularly gives a high value for this. Relating the meaning of filial piety to Martin Luther King Jr. time would have been an endless cycle of mistakes. Martin Luther King Jr.’s role during his era was to change the mindsets of all parent figures and children to better the future of African Americans in the United States. As Confucius says, “ When your father is alive, observe what he would like to do. After your father is dead, reflect on what he has done. If for three years you refrain from altering your father’s way, you can be called filial [xiao].” (1.11, The Analects). We may see this as cruel because even after death a son can still not escape from the control of his father. Every action of the son is restricted even when the father is dead or alive and gives him no space to ever grow as his own individual. If Confucius’ words are taken literally then his idea of following the father’s wishes can see to be harsh and controlling for the son. Although, if seen through a different more positive perspective, the father serves as a moral compass for the son. Even through death, the father can still guide his…show more content…
This can be seen as positively or negatively. There are many times when a child will have to choose between respecting their parents or doing what makes them happy. The freedom of the child is compromised when they need to obey all of their parents commands whether dead or alive. There are times, however, when respect shows our love to our parents and how important they are to us. Therefore, filial piety can be followed effectively but varies from person to person. Likewise, a just and unjust laws vary from person to
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