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As of January 2014, 74% of American adults online use social media (“Social”). People use social media for so many reasons, Communicate with new people, friends and family, do research, share pictures, music and thoughts. But things aren't always good as they look. People who oppose using social media believes that it is a waste of time, prevents physical interaction, even being able to alter children's brains making them more prone to ADHD (“Social”). Even with those assumption, Social media reached it’s peak during the 21st Century. Facebook having one billion monthly users and Twitter having 288 million monthly active users and over 500 million tweets are sent daily then 51% of US adults use YouTube, 28% use Pinterest, 28% use LinkedIn and 26% use Instagram (“Social”). Social media has become so big that it plays a huge role in the political world. More than a 25% of US younger voters reported that they get information Presidential campaign from social media (“Social”). But even with it’s benefits is social media good for our society? Since “the great …show more content…

Social media as gone to limits that no other media could reach. For one social media has helped spread information faster than any other media, especially politically. When breaking news is literally seconds away from grabbing your phone it’s no wonder that over 50% of people learn about breaking news through social media (“Social”) . Social Media has made problems around the world known that news services like CNN, Fox would probably never show to the public such as #BlackLivesMatter, War in the middle east, Police brutality and more. Social media has also made creating a political movement easier making a issue known to the world with seconds by uploading a status on facebook. Such as the Egyptian protest “Jan25” was started on facebook to alert the world that egyptians were tired of the injustice and planned to end their silence and take back their natural

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