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Final Reflection Paper In my first reflection paper, I described my exploration of the arts over the past few years. I explained that I had originally considered myself disadvantaged in the arts. I was developing an appreciation for different forms of art. Until this course, I had developed an appreciation for art, but I had done little in the way of creating something. This is largely due to anxieties that I have surrounding failure; I was afraid I would do it wrong. I was afraid to do it wrong because I thought there was only one way to do it right. In my first paper, I explained that I felt more confident in “technical work”. I can now define this type of work. Technical work is work where one can be certain of the methods or answers involved. Technical work appealed to me because the certainty of the work alleviated the anxiety that my fear of incompetence brings me; I could always do it right. As insignificant as it …show more content…

Primarily, this gave me the confidence I needed to stay motivated and interested in the course. Further, I used this connection to help develop a better understanding of myself during the course. I often refer to mindfulness practice as the art of introspection. In my practice, I observe my thoughts and emotions by waiting for them to arise. In this course, we somewhat forced emotions to arise. For example, I used imagery of a desolate, destroyed environment to incite an emotion for my monologue. When I was forcing these states of mind on myself, I was able to observe how I react to them. This observation of myself in different emotional states has served and will serve as a catalyst for my self-understanding. What is more, mind-body awareness is something I practice in my meditation and in yoga. Formally learning what mind-body awareness has been interesting and useful; if I learned nothing, at least I stand up

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