Counselling Reflection Report

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This is a summary of my learning whilst being on the foundation degree. I am finally at the end of my counselling degree and I think this has been my biggest accomplishment to date, alongside raising my boys. I have learned such a lot about myself and gained a better insight into how and why I relate to others the way I did and still do.
In my PDP presentation, I talked about client work, supervision, peers, Personal development group, and personal therapy so I will just summarise these in this essay.
I know learning about myself continues and how easy you can slightly revert back to old attitudes and behaviours because I did not speak about my goals in depth in my PDP presentation. Before I was due to present my presentation I changed some content. The reason being I listen to peers and not my own judgment. They told me that the goals I had set myself, weren’t the ones
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Secondly, I am going to do voluntary work one day a week in my counselling placement. I consider this being a realistic goal as only work four days in my current job so I Have time to spare .The BACP requires four hundred and fifty hours to get accreditation (BACP, 2018). This will be an opportunity to work towards my hours. Thirdly Access courses for young people, and mental health as this are the particular field I would like to continue to work in. I can do this through my current job, online or access courses from the BACP. Fourthly, keeping going to yoga so I look after my self-care and continue to work on doing something by myself. I have acknowledged that this was a part of my life that I didn’t look after I didn 't look after Me. lastly, my goal is to praise myself, give myself the recognition and support that I give everyone
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