Fire Symbolism In Fahrenheit 451

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Moreover the fire also resembles the purging of Montag. Montag’ burning of his house and the TV signifies his rebellion and rejection of the vales of his society. Through burning his own house Montag like a phoenix destroys his old self by fire to be reborn from the ashes as a new person once again. Killing captain Beatty symbolizes the destruction of the system, because by doing so he frees himself from the influence of his society which give him the chance to think and choose freely for first time in his life. Also, another side of fire is also revealed to Montag ay the end of the novel when he meets the rebel group. The fire was no longer used to destroy things but to give warmth and life. Likewise, the fire caused by the bomb which destroyed …show more content…

The people are no longer aware of what is going on around them to the extent that they are not aware that the war has begun until the TV is destroyed seconds before the bomb exploded destroying the city. Furthermore, the government also uses to change the history to suit their own interests. This is clear in two instants; the first is Montag’s surprise when heard Clarisse telling him that firefighter used to put out fires not starting them. The second is when the firemen capture and kill an innocent man to conceal the truth about Montag’s escape so as not to admit their failure in capture Montag. It shows the enormity of the corruption of the system, as it has no regard for human life. The only thing it cares about is giving people a show to keep them busy and entertained. By changing history, the government alter fundamental values and ideas and over time succeeds in making them the acceptable norm of the society. The most explicit example of this is the government’s ability to convince the people that books brings nothing but confusion and sadness in the life of those who read them. Thus it became a recurrent and usual for people to shun away from all the knowledge reporting anyone who possess

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