Fire Symbolism In Native American

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Native Americans have a really diverse culture and one report is not enough to talk about all of their cultures. They have fourteen tribes so it is obvious that they will have a lot of different cultures and traditions between all fourteen tribes. It is impossible to have fourteen tribes with different people and expect them to all believe in the same things so some of them have different beliefs and different traditions. They worshipped a lot of gods and even some of the gods had dolls made for them. Some tribes worshipped the sun or fire or some serpents. Buckle your seatbelts boys and girls because today the topic is going to be about those three things. The Native Americans had a very important ceremony called the sun dance (Wiwanke …show more content…

It had many uses for them: reducing the undergrowth by opening up the roots for more plants such as berries; clearing up the land to plant more food and crops; they also used it during hunting in the open woods so that it would be more safe and easy to move around for them. The fire symbols change across different tribes in the Native American culture. The fire symbol was mainly used by the ancient Native American of the Mississippian culture. Native American Indians spread their history, thoughts, ideas, and dreams from generation to another by symbols and signs, for example the fire symbol. The fire symbol was used in the ancient Mississippian culture of North America, more specifically the culture of mound builders. The mound builders associated great value to fire. Fire played a very important role in the culture and traditions of Native Americans and although it was not the main role in their ceremonies and rituals it was the building blocks of them. To the Native Americans, fire was like a messenger and a gift from their great spirit. The smoke of the fire was used to clean sacred items such as drums, shakers, and pipes before the use of them during ceremonies and rituals. Fire was a symbol of the heart of the people to the Native Americans and the smoke of the fire was a symbol of the prayers carried to their great …show more content…

The main reason of this is mainly because they were associated with violence and revenge in many Native American cultures and they were barely associated with positive qualities. The Native Americans had nine snake gods and spirits, Awanyu (Pueblo), Coatlicue (Aztec) , Horned Serpents (Eastern tribes), Pitaskog (Abenaki), Quetzalcoatl (Aztec), Situlili (Hopi/Zuni), Snake-Woman (Caddo), Tie-snake (Southeast tribes) , Unktehi (Lakota Indian Serpent). In Sioux and Blackfoot legends Unhcegila is a snake or serpent-like monster that was responsible for a countless amount of unexplained disappearances and deaths. It was said that it could swallow a human in one piece or squash the human with its weight alone. If Unhcegila 's slime touched the ground it passed over the ground, the ground would become infertile and its slime made flesh rot away. Horned Serpents are usually described as huge, scaly, dragon–like serpents with horns and long teeth. They would usually be found in lakes and rivers, but sometimes they move about on the land. In Ancient Native American myths and legends horned serpents possess magical abilities like shape shifting, invisibility, and hypnotic powers. They also give power medicine to humans who defeat them or help them they also are said to control storms and weathers. Tie-snakes are mythological water spirits of southeastern tribes. They are similar to the ordinary

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