Flannery O Connor: Chapter Summaries

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2). Part 1: The story starts of with main character Connor's side. He found out that his parents had him put on Unwound list. He went to talk to his girlfriend, Ariana. She suggested that he run away, so Conner asked her if she wants to come with him, and she said yes. However, the next day when Conner comes, she refuses and told him he took it too seriously. He leaves from her house and end up going in a truck and the driver was nice. When he wakes up next morning, he sees that juvy cops are outside his truck because they were able to track his phone. Then, the story shifts to Lev's side. Lev is a tithe, who was also going to be unwound and was being taken away, however Conner runs out of his truck and then uses Lev as his advantage and take him out of his car and use him for protection as he runs into the forest. At that same time, …show more content…

Connor becomes a mechanic and Risa becomes a medic, while Roland learns to fly a helicopter from Cleaver, the only other adult who knows about the kids. Roland starts up his trouble anew, spreading stories about the Admiral to sow dissent and to make himself the new leader. Connor ends up on the Admiral's side as a spy, and when a number of the higher up kids are killed, he investigates, believing Roland to be responsible. A short time in, Lev arrives, tougher than before, and joins a secret group that wants to damage Unwind facilities rather than just live out to age eighteen and then leave the camp. The Admiral has a heart attack during a riot caused by doubts sown by Roland, even though he is not there to direct it and take over. Connor brings things under control, but gets Roland and Risa to come with him to fly the Admiral to a hospital, even knowing they will likely be caught. They are taken away to a harvest camp, where Risa unwillingly joins the band which plays at the unwinding and death of each

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