Flight: A Short Story Of Flight By Sherman Alexie

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Flight written by Sherman Alexie is told in a first-person narrative by its protagonist Zits. He is a 15-year-old half-Native American orphan. Zits has a long history of abuse by the people around him, self-esteem issues, and a long list of past delinquencies. As one reads the novel, it looks as though many of Zits issues stem from his father 's abandonment before birth and his mother 's death when he was six years old. The novel begins with Zits introducing himself and telling the reader that he is in a foster home. Zits has spent a large part of his life in the foster care system, moving from one bad home to the next. In his current foster home, he gets into a fight with his new foster father, leading him to run away. It is at this time that Zits runs into and is arrested by Officer Dave. This is not the first time that Zits has had a run in with Officer Dave. While Officer Dave is a police officer, he seems to be the only constant adults in his life, even though he usually interacts with Zits in negative moments. Zits is placed in a juvenile holding cell with another teen name Justice. Justice is a self-proclaimed profit and he strikes up a friendship with Zits that continues after they are both released. Justice teaches Zits how to shoot guns and convinces him to open fire in the lobby of a bank. As he enters the bank he is armed with two guns, one real and one a paint gun. With these guns it seems as though Zits killed several people before being shot in

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