Fool Me Once Shame On You Analysis

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Fool me … shame on who? There’s a famous quote that goes “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.” It’s attributed to a Randall Terry but we’ll never forget—and always be grateful for—George W’s mangling of it. Video below Now I’m not picking on George W, but his maimed quote is important because it implies that individual responsibility for the truth is as much the listener’s as it is the speaker. Said another way, if I discover that you lied to me in the past then I must assume responsibility for your telling me the truth in the future. But what if you never discover that I’ve been lying to you? What if I fooled you so well the first time that you’re willing to keep drinking from my firehose of lies? A frightening prospect, especially since people on one side of any political divide think that people on the other side are either lying evil doers , or fools to…show more content…
You want to accept what you find on a site you trust, but you must go deeper than you would normally go if you want to be certain that you have good reason to believe what you believe. If you’ve never done investigative reporting or a thesis, this will give you a taste of the tremendous work involved. Betrayal The only things everyone is 100% right about is that there is a whole lot of lying going on, and that there are very powerful special interests out there designing the deceit. That percentage drops considerably when we talk about what are the lies and who is lying and being lied to. No one wants to believe that they’ve been fooled. Finding out that the people you’ve trusted have been fooling you may be hard, but you owe it to yourself and to your communities to find out. Lying you see is a cooperative act and this was the message of George W.’s mangled quote. If we can’t agree on how we can arrive at the truth, the lies will not only deepen our divides, but also cause us to start tossing bodies

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