Foreshadowing In Ray Bradbury's The Utterly Perfect Murder

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What About A Little Murder
Right now in the world, there is a murder. A utterly perfect murder. Ralph Underhill bullied Doug when they went to school together, which now Doug is an adult he decides he wants payback of murder. He finds Ralph who is very sick and thinks to himself, should I kill him? He thought to himself all the punishment he deserves and then he just walked off. While he was walking he stumbled across his childhood house and found the memories he had long lost. In the short story ¨The Utterly Perfect Murder,¨ by Ray Bradbury he uses metaphor and foreshadowing to bring his reader in.
Ray Bradbury uses foreshadowing in his short story to add suspense in his story. ¨It was such Utterly Perfect, such an incredibly delightful idea

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