Foreshadowing In Where Are You Going Where Have You Been

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At the beginning of Joyce Carol Oates’ short story, “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been” (1938) introduces Connie a fifteen-year-old girl that is merely in adulthood. Always concerned with her physical appearance and sappy love songs Connie has trouble bonding with her parents. Connie’s mother is on a constant scolding with her. Connie’s father travels for his work and rarely around. When he is home, he rarely comments anything to Connie or her sister, June who is the opposite of Connie. Vain and naïve, Connie often escapes the negative relationship that she has with her parents by going out several nights a week to the local diner and the local shopping plaza. Connie soon realizes that this is only the beginning of her fate. In this essay, I will describe how Joyce Carol Oates used the literary elements to describe the plot of “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been.” (1938). Oates’ begins the suspense of Connie’s fate by describing the emotional state of feelings towards her mother. With the constant nagging, Connie wished that it was just all over with. “She makes me want to throw up sometimes.” (Oates 126). Despite the animosity, there was …show more content…

Connie does not go and stays home alone. Mesmerized with the beaming warmth of the sun she reflects on the night before when she met the guys. Daydreaming of what love must feel like. Shortly after, she goes inside her house to relax and once again begins to listen to music.
The fifth of seven rising action brings Connie enjoying her time. Suddenly, Connie hears a car coming down her street. Of course, she checks her appearance before she opens the door to see who it was. It was Arnold Friend and Ellie. Flirting for a while Friend is trying to convince Connie to leave with them, but she refuses. “You wanta come for a ride? He said. / “Look I don’t even know who you are,’ Connie said in disgust.

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