Fort Mchenry: Poem Analysis

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Some say he “seized a unique moment in American history” (Peter Dreier, and Occidental College professor), others believe he was “bringing shame” (Kaepernick’s mother) not just to his home team, but his home country. Kaepernick stole everyone 's attention, not by his athletic ability when playing football, but from his actions during the American anthem.

This patriotic music is an important part of American history. The anthem comes from a poem written about the bombardment of Fort McHenry, it was called Defence of Fort McHenry. Although this poem was written about the war in 1812, it was used to “boost American patriotism” during World War ll. Kaepernick’s actions suggested that he doesn’t support the actions of the brave men and women who fought in army, but I believe that his actions weren’t meant to offend the country’s military service. …show more content…

Kaepernick’s actions were part of the Black Lives Matter movement, a movement supporting the activism over police shootings of black men. I support Kaepernick’s actions due to the understandings that there has been inequality and that people should be proud of the flag. Maybe its past and how it made its way to today, but that today isn’t all that different. “I am going to continue to stand with the people who are being oppressed”, Kaepernick says.

Kaepernick has the “right to protest what he says is a flag “for a country that oppresses black people and people of colour.”” I support Kaepernick’s movement because of what they stand for, but not how he created his movement. Kaepernick is still an American, he should be respectful towards the country, the anthem that represents the country 's history, part of the culture. Although I believe that Kaepernick was wrong to do so by sitting during the American anthem, I support his movement because there is the issue of inequality in America. Kaepernick has experienced it

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