Founding Brothers Chapter Summary

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Founding Brothers by Joseph J. Ellis was full of complexity and detailed information of the understanding during the revolutionary generation. Joseph brought specific point of views and what really happened during this generation that many of us never thought of especially me, which was interesting to read. Joseph really opened my eyes to grasping information of the revolutionary generation that I never thought I would do. Ellis’s writing portrays the founders voice through his writing as if he were actually there at every moment. American history is seen as boring by some including myself sometimes, but with this book, it is showing young minds such as students like myself that America is fascinating and we should want to know all that happened …show more content…

Ellis separated the book into seven sections which he viewed America during this time as being viewed on how certain men went through tough times and how history has come to understand them which has lead them to be viewed as political leaders: Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Washington, Abigail Adams, and Benjamin Franklin. Each of these men contributed to the building of America in one-way or another. In Ellis’s first chapter, it tells us the story of the famous duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton near Weehawken, New Jersey. This was taken in 1804 and ends with Hamilton’s death. During this time of duel, Aaron Burr was the Vive President for Thomas Jefferson. This ties back to what we have learned in lecture being that Alexander became the secretary of the Treasury for Washington and he did so in 5 steps. Hamilton was also one of the writers for the “federalist papers” which he wrote 50 essays. Hamilton and Burr were close friends who have known each other for a while and have even been on the battlefield together. So when being shot, it was a shock for Hamilton seeing Burr act differently and not understanding his ways. This chapter portrays the duel of Honor and how it matters for American history. As stated in the book: “The Burr-Hamilton duel …show more content…

Ellis tries to theorize that Washington feared the possibility of dying in office. Washington was 62 years old and was known for his heath and strength. He wished to quit while he was still strong and since there was no official rule on how a president should retire, he stepped down. Ellis considers an issue of monarch vs. president, and suggests “it was a problem of language, and a problem of personality.”(Pg. 127) History revealed that he was not a handsome man. Washington remains as one of the most popular presidents in history, because of his belief within the nation. His last words were “Tis well.” (Pg. 161) Ellis portrays through the farewell chapter that Jefferson were credited through his failures more than his successions. With Washington’s strong leadership, in my opinion, he has made a mark and impression in the Unites States that will continue

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