Four Memorable People During The Salem Witch Trials

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In this essay, I will be talking about four memorable people during the Salem Witch Trials. These four people have their own reasons for what they did and did not do, and I will explain how their backgrounds had such a lasting impact in the Salem Witch Trials.
Giles Corey was a very wealthy stranger who had arrived with his fourth wife, Martha. Feelings of hatred emerged with the Putnams after he unwittingly testified against his wife, who was sentenced to death. As a result of this hatred, and also because the family of the accused was always suspicious, he was tried as a warlock a month later. During his entire trial, he refused to plead, because he felt his guilt was already decided. As a result of this deadly silence, he was pressed to death on September 19, 1692, being the only person to be pressed to death in the Trials.
Tituba was the Parris’ Caribbean slave, whose origins came from West India. As a result of this heritage, she was feared by her Puritan masters. This irrational fear escalated
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One of the things you did not do is, if you were already suspected of it but not yet tried, attract any negatively unwanted attention. If you wanted to survive, you would confess. Those who confessed were put in prison, but lived. If you were accused but found innocent, you would do everything to keep yourself unnoticed by the accusers so you would not again be accused. You would attend church regularly, stay humble, and basically do religious things that the Puritans did. In conclusion, this essay was about several famous people in the Salem Witch Trials. They confessed to survive and didn’t confess because their fates were already decided. I also described how their backgrounds affected their roles, and I described what happened to them after the trials. I even described what to do or not do when you are accused of witchcraft during those

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