The Salem Witch Trials In 1692

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In 1692 the Salem witch trials were a big a deal keep reading reading to find out. Between June 10 - September 22 1692, 20 people were put to death in salem, massachusetts for witchcraft. It has long remained one of the more troubling events in American history. The Puritans were determined to farm on their new land. To guide them through this difficult life, Puritans had help - the word of God as spoken in the Bible. Whatever the bible said the puritans believed, and one subject about the devil. The devil was real and he was clever, one of his trick was to enter a normal person’s body and turn that person into a witch. The Salem witch trials in 1692 were caused by? The Salem witch trials in 1692 were caused by three things marital status, lying girls, and economic differences. Marital status was one because the women who were accused were more married then single. Doc.B. The young girls who were accusing the older women were jealous of the older women, because they wanted rich husbands. Doc.A. There was 14 women killed, they all were married, some girls wanted their husbands so they cried witch. It was easier for 16-20 year old girls to accuse 41-60 year old women, …show more content…

Marital status was one because when the women were married it was more likely there were younger girls who wanted their husbands. They accused them of being a witch, but the husbands went along because they wanted younger wifes. Lying girls was one because two girls accused a women of being a witch, when they were in court they mimicked her which caused the town to spiral out of control with paranoia. Economic differences was one because of the town division, west side poor, east side rich. This made the west side angry so they accused the eastern half so they could get money from the trial. In conclusion, these are the reasons why neighbor turned on

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