Frankenstein: Determination Becomes Obsession

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Determination Becomes Obsession
In the words of actor Jeremy Irvine, “Determination becomes obsession and then it becomes all that matters.” This is a true statement related to two fictitious characters from the play Doctor Faustus and the novel Frankenstein. The main characters of both literature, Dr. Faustus and Frankenstein, are both determined to gain knowledge in the sciences and stop at nothing to obtain this knowledge themselves. As Jeremy Irvine suggests, their determination for knowledge developed into unhealthy obsessions and later into the premise of their lives. Christopher Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus and Mary Shelley’s Victor Frankenstein both demonstrate controversial infatuations with learning that ultimately drive them to their downfall.
Dr. Faustus is a German scholar who is determined to acquire as much knowledge, wealth, and power as he can. Similarly, Victor Frankenstein is also a scholar but he is seeking the secret to life and is determined in doing so. Their persistence to secure insight that no one else has turns into obsessions that consume their lives. Now every act they perform is related to the content of their obsessions. These infatuations take a deep root in their lives. Dr. Faustus obsession with science leads him to the domain of dark magic and
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Faustus and Frankenstein defy the established moral codes of their time. Faustus wanted god-like power in which he justifies with religion, but goes completely against religion and sells his soul to the Devil. Comparatively, society would not approve of Frankenstein creating life himself but it does not stop him from doing so. Relatedly, within the text, it is clear that Faustus has intertextual influence on Victor Frankenstein. Having similar obsession, outcomes, and societal guidelines as Dr. Faustus, Frankenstein plays a more innocent portrayal of Faustus. Faustus makes a decision that binds him to evil, while Frankenstein 's intention in creating what becomes the monster is
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