Frederick Douglass Honesty

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Fredrick Douglass autobiography was significant to the abolition movement in many ways by giving people hope for a new America were it made many people aware of racial prejudice making it as a sickness in one’s imagination he levied a powerful indictment against slavery and provided a voice that embraced antislavery politics and gave examples of slave narrative traditions.(PUT IN AN EXAMPLE OR QUOTE.)*Douglass gives a sense of his circumstances and sentiments, but he also insists that no reader can fully sympathize with his feelings without experiencing all of the conditions he went through. Douglass wants the reader to imagine his feelings while forcing the reader to recognize the impossibility of this imagining. Douglass request for freedom was an accomplishment (WHAT WAS THE ACCOMPLISHMENT?)
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In learning to read, I owe almost as much to the bitter opposition of my master, as to the kindly aid of my mistress. I acknowledge the benefit of both.”

People followed Douglass was because all his arguments were supported by facts from his life and the life 's many slaves. The narrative is a testament to its Douglass humanity. He was able to prove to his critics that all the information embedded in his work was true. The work of him and other fellow abolitionists helped end slavery in the United States.(PUT IN HOW HE WAS FINALLY FREEDED BY PAYING HIS WAY OUT AND THAT WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE WITHOUT HIM BEING EDUCATED. THE LECTURES AND SPEECHES HE WOULD

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