Fredrick Douglass: The Effect Of The Single Story

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The Effect of the Single Story
Single stories can have a significant effect on how we view a certain culture or race. It can both break their dignity and empower at the same time. I the Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass, his struggle throughout his sufferable journey in slavery illustrates the theme in which Adichie represents, the theme regarding how a single story can control how we view a certain group of people. Throughout his life, Douglass experiences the harsh means of slavery and encounters each moment an African slave had to confront. He had been enslaved by many different slaveholders with an array of different beliefs. His goal throughout his life was to escape and he fulfills it by the end of the book. The theme in Douglass’ …show more content…

Along with his fellow African slaves, he is treated like a savage animal during his enslavement with Mr. Covey, one of the cruelest slaveholders. ”mush” (Douglass **). Is what they dubbed their food. During the beginning of his life in captivity, he was fed the worst types of food. The harsh treatment in which he had to endure dehumanized him and his people. His life as a captive left him no choice over his aspirations, he also lacked the right to choose his ethics. Mr. Covey the unjust slave keeper denied him of his rights and stripped him of the right of sleeping like a human. “I had no bed”(Douglass **).Treated like a savage beast was what he was forced to endure. This mistreatment completely abolished his personality and left him with no power over his …show more content…

Regaining back a customary life may be a strenuous activity and this was a feature that Douglass sustained after his release “I felt myself a slave”(Douglass **). Douglass stated this after his escape and a few days into an accepting and free society. His macabre past made him reflect but on his tedious and evil encounters. However, after some time in the modernized community, away from all the depravity, Douglass was able to retain all of his joy and was able to live a sufficient life as a free man. “How a slave was made a man” (Douglass **). The quote dignifies Douglass as a man, additionally it depicts the idea of how he was able to regain liberty and enjoy the life, which was ahead of

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