Free Will In William Faulkner's Barn Burning

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This paper is going to be about the theme found to be more prominent in the short stories that have been read . Free will is the most prominent one that will be talked about in this paper. In these two pages, the short story “Barn Burning” will be talked about. Point of view, and conflict are the two techniques that will be a sort of helper in explaining all of this. Why not start with point of view and how it helps show free will in the story. Point of view in the barn burning was very important you need to see all sides of the story to truly understand it. Sardy or “Colonel Sartoris Snopes” is the protagonist in this story and the author William Faulkner decided to give Sardy inner monologue or a stream of consciousness. This allows you to see what he thinks about all this and how Sarty may feel about it. Sarty has free well just as much as anyone else in the story, but unlike his father how over expresses his free will; Sarty has a bit of trouble doing so he knows the difference between right and wrong that is seen in his consciousness. However, he doesn 't act on it, it 's as if his …show more content…

Next and finally technique that 'll be talked about is conflict. In “Barn Burning” Sarty being the protagonist and main character in all well be the one being talked about again. Sarty most of the story has a conflict going on in his head, the conflict being whether it is a good thing to say on his father or a bad thing to tell about his family. throughout the story he has to deal with this unsure of what to do, but knowing he had the free will to do that ever he had so chosen after all it was his choice. After reading the story, it is shown that he did finally choose what to do, however the decisions was not easy. The choice was not wrong though, he had to make his own choice in the matter. Maybe it was more of an opinion his opinion on what needed to be done Sarty 's free will has not limited in the story this conflict only required him to put more thought into his

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