Freedmens Bureau Thesis

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The Freedmen 's bureau was also known as the bureau of refugees,freedmen,and abandoned land but was most commonly refers to as Freedmen 's bureau.The Freedmen 's bureau was a federal government agency that helped many newly freed slaves from the south gain a chance to get their life 's back on track. The Freedmens bureau was created by Abraham Lincoln on March 3rd 1865.It was intended to last for a year after the civil war ended.The Freedmens bureau played a huge role in the era of reconstruction and made many abolitionist happy about achieving their goal of freeing slaves.The Freedmens bureau helped many slaves get food,water,clothing and helping them find their lost family members.It gave away about fifteen million food rations to …show more content…

Even though the Freedmen 's bureau was a great thing and was helping America get back their life 's on track many disliked it and protested against the law. The Freedmens bureau’s goal of Helping freed slaves was getting even more difficult every because people began to realize how hard it would be to continue helping the freed slaves because the south issued a law called the Black codes.Black codes were laws the restricted the daily life of an African such as .It was the start of segregation and only set the reconstruction era back.The Freedmens bureau still struggled to help by helping find lost family members and getting African Americans education.Agents of the Freedmens bureau also helped in the court 1866 congress wanted to renew the Freedmens bureau but was vetoed by president Andrew Johnson who be leaved that the Freedmens bureau offers to much help and would prevent African Americans on becoming independanrt.Slowly the Freedmens bureau lost it funding and in 1872 congress abandoned the Freedmens bureau. Many didn 't understand that the Freedmens bureau was created to help the United States not hurt here is quote from the CHAP. XC.–An Act to establish a Bureau for the Relief of Freedmen and Refugees.“And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of War may direct such issues of provisions, clothing, and fuel, as he may deem needful for the immediate and temporary shelter and supply of destitute and suffering refugees and freedmen and their wives and children, under such rules and regulations as he may

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