Essay On The Pros And Cons Of The New Deal

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The great depression, the New Deal, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt goes hand in hand during the 1930’s, after the stock market crashed which resulted in the Great Depression. President Roosevelt, is one of the presidents that has been loved and hated at the same time by American society. The general public might say that FDR, did not do enough for the county, while others may believe he worked hard for the common people, trying to fix the country. For now, the focus on this paper will be, on the pros and cons of President Roosevelt New Deal. The Program would focus on three things which were: Relief, Recovery, and Reform.
First of all, there were many pros of the New Deal, one of them was that the government help out millions of people by providing refinancing home loans to home owners in order to prevent them from losing their households. This was a result of the Home Owners Loan Corp (1933). Another pro of the New Deal was Farm Security …show more content…

Roosevelt New Deal. FDR has been one of the most valued and despised president in the history of the United States. One of the major cons of President Roosevelt New Deal, was in 1937, he instructed the government to spend less money because of the budget and the increasing inflation. Unfortunately, his actions created a downward spiral, and in three months, the country’s employment rate increased dramatically by two million. Another con of the New Deal, was that President Roosevelt did not do a whole lot of the African American people. A major dilemma was that some of the agencies that were created to help out during the depression were not being fare to minorities or color people. Some of the workers for those agencies were playing favoritism, by helping more the white people versus those of color. FDR finally appointed Bethune Cookman in 1935 as the director of the Division of Negro Affairs, which assisted in provided jobs across the United

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