Freedom, Freedom And Freedom During The American Revolution

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The American Revolution was a time of great social, political, and economic changes. Influenced by Enlightenment ideals, the American Revolution sang promises of independence, freedom, and liberty, all of which are fundamental components of the foundation of American identity. During the Revolution, many blacks, as both freedmen and slaves, fought alongside many of the colonists and loyalists, fighting on both sides of the war for much of the same values. However, while examining this time period, it is important to acknowledge the inescapable paradox that stains our country’s history: how does a society so motivated by liberty and freedom allow an institution like slavery to exist? Despite the rhetoric of the Revolution, many Americans continued to consider slaves as property in order to reap in the economic benefits of such an institution.
American black slaves had the unique experience of being alive during the time of the American Revolution. American slaves had the opportunity to hear the revolution’s rhetoric of freedom and be exposed to the ideology of liberty: an experience not available to slaves of different time periods and regions. Consider, for instance, a New England slave named Prince. Prince was a slave to Captain William Whipple from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. During the war, he was an oarsman who had helped row George Washington across the Delaware River on Christmas night in 1776. Having experienced the zeal of the revolution first hand, Prince returned

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