French Revolution 3rd Estate Essay

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When you think of a monarchy, what comes to mind? A harsh and corrupt government? Or a peaceful and honest government? France originally was ruled essentially by class. The 1st Estate being the bishops and abbots who were very wealthy and had a large say in the church. The 2nd Estate consisting of nobles and the bourgeoisie who wielded most of the political power at the time. Finally, the 3rd Estate was composed of the remaining 97 % of the population. The way the 3rd Estate was treated was harsh, while the 1st and 2nd Estate enjoyed a life of bliss. This caused the 3rd Estate to form the National Assembly and act as the representative group of France. Back then most people didn’t have money, political power, and even necessary supplies for life. With this notion, the social class conflict led to the French Revolution.
The population back then was huge and consisted of many varying classes. Unfortunately, not many people had money to buy anything. This situation got even …show more content…

As the higher-ups held a strong position in the church, the other 97% of the population simply was there not having any say in the decisions of the Church. Each time the Estates would meet, the 1st and 2nd Estates would team up against the 3rd Estate and voted against them. However one year, when the 3rd Estate representatives come to meet with King Louis XVI, it is delayed due to the death of his son. This cause the representatives to need to avoid the rain and finally, after gaining shelter in a tennis court, make a new constitution, that which, no man can defy. With the creation of the National Assembly, the Third Estate made a source of power for themselves, declaring them the representative group of France. This caused the majority to bid against the 1st and 2nd Estates to cleanse France and start fresh with a leader hoping for the greater good, with

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