Friar Lawrence Is To Blame In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet written by William shakespeare, a tragic love story, who is to blame For the death of two young star crossed lovers, could it have been prevented? Juliet is to blame because she could have married Paris and still been alive, her father is to be blamed because he was forcing Juliet to marry Paris and saying he was gonna cast her out if she refused, lastly Friar Lawrence is to blame because he is the one who gave Juliet the potion to make her fall asleep , married them in secret and also failed to get the letters sent to Romeo. Oh poor Juliet but if she had listened to her mother she would still be alive. Juliet could have easily married Paris and everything would of turned out fine. “I'll look to like, if looking liking move” (DBQ:project,2013) in this quote Juliet is saying she will look at Paris to like him but if she has no interest in him the relationship will go no further. Instead Juliet chose to only think about herself and not her kingdom or family, not to mention she fell in love with her family's enemy. Can you blame a young girl for choosing to love rather than choosing the mature option. Juliet was not yet mature enough to make such serious decisions with her life, but yet she still could …show more content…

Romeo gets exiled and Juliet's parents were making her marry Paris so she took a potion which she got from Friar lawrence which made her seem dead. Friar Lawrence was unable to send the letters to Romeo which were stating Juliet was alive. Later on Romeo finds Juliet he kills himself because he thought she was dead, which would not have happened if Friar Lawrence did not give Juliet the potion and actually got the letters to

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