Friendship Baptist Church Research Paper

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Many Christ followers and those interested in learning His word struggle to find the right worship service. Friendship Baptist Church in Warner Robins, GA, invites newcomers with open arms to their warm, welcoming worship services.

The congregation treats guests like friends, so you’ll feel at ease as soon as you walk through the doors. Friendship Baptist Church encourages everyone to find peace by serving God, and every visitor—no matter their background—is treated with the utmost respect. As a Baptist church, they hope every guest will join them in their mission to become more like Jesus Christ, and they will do everything they can to support you along your spiritual journey.

Friendship Baptist Church’s pastor, Dr. Paul Cowles, delivers compelling, relevant sermons that resonate with long-time followers and newcomers alike. Every Sunday, they hold a morning worship service, as well as a special worship service for students later in the day. On Wednesdays, they hold student ministry meetings as well as adult choir gatherings, so members receive another wonderful opportunity to sing, learn, and praise the word of God. They also offer Sunday School for children and adults, with separate, helpful classes divided into six different age groups. Learning to love and serve God should continue throughout your life, so the church offers vital support for followers of all ages. …show more content…

This trusted church will provide you the heartfelt and informative support you need to become the best Christian you can be. To learn more, call them at (478) 953-9509 or visit their

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