G I Jane Character Analysis

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There are no bad crews, only bad leaders. Leadership analysis is built on the movie “G.I. Jane” Description. Background. Plot. Even though this movie is mostly considered as one that illustrates discrimination of women, I found it to have a very good and different variety of leadership styles. “G.I. Jane” is about a woman who is willing to be taken to Special Forces of U.S. Navy but due to her gender a lot of obstacles are placed in her way. Thankfully for circumstances she finally gets accepted and now she has to go through the struggle of Special Forces training and prove that she has what it takes to be a “SEAL”. The government of the United States was having a discussion on gender discrimination in the U.S. Navy. To prove that a woman can serve alongside men, with the support of a female Senator Lillian DeHaven, Lieutenant Jordan O 'Neil gets accepted to the Special Forces’ unit "seals". Recruits are subjected to difficult probation. The ones unable to cope with the training must ring a symbolic bell, which is the expression of the resignation from the unit. The exercise detachment of seals "is captured" and is being bullied by the trainers: Command Master Chief John James Urgayle and others. Jordan passes all the tests, moreover, the soldiers in her unit begin to respect her. But there are people in the government who are against sending women to the battlefield. Lt O’Neill is falsely accused of intimate relations with a staff doctor and all of this is just a ruse to

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