Galway Kinnell: Transfigured Dread

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As one single poem can intrigue the everyday college student, one can imagine the obsessive nature that one poem can have on the mind. The poem, circulating, round and round in the mind, leaving one to ponder the day away all because one poem, as one can be left questioning, such as in "Prayer" by Galway Kinnell. However, even if someone were to be obsessed with one poem, there are ones who are intrigued by not just one, but two, maybe dozens of poems, all by the same author that had them intrigued since the first poem looming in their head. Nevertheless, as one may ponder across an entire work of a single author, this pondering may lead to one who is passionate about the entire work of an author to publish articles about someone and their work respectively. In the article, "Galway Kinnell: Transfigured Dread," by Edward Hirsch, the pondering over the entire works of Galway Kinnel are discussed in great detail. As Hirsch discusses Galway Kinnell, the use of …show more content…

The opinions of Hirsch however do not sway from the main ideas that Kinnell seemed to hold onto throughout his works. The function of the article does pertain to high reliability as Hirsch meticulously synthesizes the works of Kinnell, with open ended vocabulary to still let the reader ponder upon his poems, thus not setting the meanings of Kinnell 's poems in firm stone. As the poems by Kinnell are folded in sporadically for evidence of Kinnell 's evolutionary career, bias information such as set in stone interpretations or over exuberant statements of Kinnell 's career are not present. As several sources in poetry attempt to sway the reader into thinking one way about a set of works, the source by Hirsch is meant for firm educating, while leading the reader through a biographic ode of Galway Kinnell 's career, with folded antidotes

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