Gender Differences In Presidential Elections

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November 8th 2016 brought to close one of the most divisive elections in Presidential History. Most Americans see this obvious divide that exist in America at the current moment. Differences among race, gender, religion, political views, experiences, privilege, age are just the starting point to the split that has turned neighbors against each other, friends into enemies, and torn families apart. Its an understatement to say that tensions are high, and wounds are fresh. This countries divide was always going to be a ticking time bomb, and on election day 2016 we saw that bomb explode. All Americans are feeling the aftershock of Donald Trump winning the Presidential election. Riots, protest, and facebook wars are going on at this very current…show more content…
But the most interesting thing that i was able to conclude from my day at the polls, was the overwhelming majority that had equally bad things to say about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. This majority opinion was highlighted in one quote from one of the voters “They both are flawed candidates, and honestly they cancel out each other so i 'm really just voting on the issues”. These results point to the majority of people voted on the issues, and partisan views rather than the candidates themselves. Martin P. Wattenberg backs up this claim in his article “The Declining Relevance of Candidate Personal Attributes in Presidential Elections””The analysis in this article demonstrates that the personal attributes of the presidential candidates have become less and less relevant to the outcome of presidential elections in recent years. Substantially fewer voters are mentioning the personal characteristics of the candidates when asked what they like and dislike about them. Furthermore, rather than being an independent assessment of a candidate’s character, in the current age of polarized politics, these evaluations are more tied to partisan views than ever before, and hence less consequential.”(Wattenberg, March 2016) I think it 's important to make voters on both sides know that most people voted on issues, and…show more content…
17 voters out of twenty told me that the media was more fair to Hillary Clinton. Majority of voters were disgusted by the media, but more importantly recognized that the media was unfair to Trump. This widespread view of the media is compared to bad weather by William G. Shade, Ballard C. Campbell, and Craig R. Coenen”THE ROLE OF THE PRESS AND MEDIA IN AMERICAN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS ”The news media are more like the weather—an atmosphere that obstructs, restrains, or destroys without purpose, motive, intention, or plan—a power to be sure, but a random one that nothing can really control (least of all itself). What makes this election so amazing is that even know the media may of be unfair to trump in a “Hugeeee” way, it didn 't stop voters from picking him and his strong views on issues as their next president. It could be said that even know the voters were constantly hit with bad weather, it didn 't let them rain on their parade. The voters looked past the thing that we called media today and made their choice for
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