Gender Difference In Religion

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Sex difference can be divided as either ‘internal’ or ‘external’. External religious issues can be studied from an outsider’s perspective that includes the influence of religious perspectives on social issues. Internal religious are defined that religious beliefs and practices about the roles and rights in government, education and worship. According to studies about gender patterns in religions, it is said that women are more likely to be religious than men. There are some statistics investigated by Beit-Hallahmi and Argyle in 1997, these show us three basic possible causes of why is there difference between the percentage of female religious and male religious. The first is that women’s feelings and emotions are always greater than …show more content…

They have pointed out many different theories that cover the wide range of sources: psychology, biology, genetics, social status, family environment, workforce participation and a lack of living security of women because they are more likely to offer the poverty, illness, violence and old age. And there is still no agreement exactly that which factor is most responsible for the gender difference. According to Pew Research Center, women who participate in the labor force tend to show lower levels of religious commitment than women who do not work outside. Moreover, it shows that in major Christian countries, the gender gaps in daily praying and importance of religion are smaller in countries that have more women work in the labor …show more content…

Ellison from University of Texas at San Antonio argue more exploration of genetic factors. Some studies write that “genetic differences account for roughly a third of the variation among individuals in various aspects of personal religious devotion”, this is biological influences on religious life. Jeremy Freese from Northwestern University and James D. Montgomery fromUniversity of Wisconsin think that psychological differences could influence gender differences in religion. They find out psychological aspects are most influential on religious. They use a 1991 study bey by Edward H. Thompson Jr. who surveyed the religiosity of 358 American undergraduates’ religion. Thompson said that religion is influenced more for a “feminine’ outlook than by being female. From this topic, actually I think it is difficult for me to write at the beginning. After I read many resources online, I have deeper understanding of this topic. I use many available datas from others’ studies, and I also use someone’s perspectives or results to complete my essay. Now, I have already know there are more women to be religious than men around the world. The causes are variable and there are many different reasons to influence this

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