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Katja von Garnier's "Iron Jawed Angels" tells the remarkable and little-known story of a group of passionate and dynamic young women, led by Alice Paul and her friend Lucy Burns, who put their lives on the line to fight for American women's right to vote in the early twentieth century in the United States of America. The story began when Alice Paul was permitted to take over the National American Woman Suffrage Association's (NAWSA) Washington, D.C. committee after a meeting with Carrie Chapman Catt and Anna Howard Shaw, their superiors in NAWSA. Alice and Lucy then carried on to recruit volunteers to join their cause and to fight for women's suffrage, they planned parades to promote women's suffrage, called for women to boycott President Wilson …show more content…

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that single women who have never married earned 96 percent of men's earnings in 2012. When children comes into the picture, women tend to spend less time at work than men, furthermore, child care takes mothers out of the labor market, so when they return they have less work experience than similarly-aged males. Education also affects the wage gap. According to research studies, even within groups with the same educational attainment, women often choose fields of study, such as sociology, liberal arts or psychology, that pay less in the labor market. Men are more likely to major in finance, accounting or engineering. Lastly, take risk as another factor. Majority of the workers in nearly all the most dangerous occupations, such as iron workers and loggers, are male, and 92 percent of work-related deaths in 2012 were to men. Males are also more likely to pursue occupations where compensation is risky from year to year, such as finance and law. Research shows that average pay in such jobs is higher to compensate for the risk. Therefore, due to the fact that women and men do different type of jobs and work different hours, the gap in wage is not related to gender discrimination and feminism is again proven to be irrelevant

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