Discrimination In Colonial America Essay

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Discrimination is the treatment of a person or particular group of people differently, in a way that is worse than the way people are usually treated. The United States, ever since it was founded, has been plagued with discrimination. In the U.S. racism and sexism seem to be the most prevalent discriminatory problems. However, these two types of discrimination have been greatly reduced, and could be almost non-existent, but people are still benefiting from being “unequal” so the problem sticks around. Protests and other types of unrest have brought the problem to the media’s attention and many people have observed that the problems are being fought with a tougher form of themselves. If the groups who are claiming that they are being discriminated …show more content…

For many years women have been viewed as the inferior gender. When America was first being colonized the society was very patriarchal. It favored men in the home, in government, in the workforce, and so on. Women did not have the same rights as men, they could not own property, vote, or hold a government office – much like African Americans (NKU). In colonial America gender roles were very strict because everything functioned through the nuclear family unit. Girls learned their strict gender roles from their mothers, and a book called The Primer ultimately outlined what actions were good and bad for them to do. The girls were expected to do everything that the adult women did at the age of thirteen. This was possible because the women did not get any sort of education, they were expected to stay home and maintain order by taking care of the children, buying and preparing food, directing the servants or slaves, and they did most of the chores. The women were also expected to pass faith down to their children and to be obedient to her father or her husband. Before being married, the women were to be subordinate to their father; likewise, when she was married, her identity and property was transferred to her husband. Therefore, women could seldom be who they wanted to be, and express themselves. Very few of these colonial women could read, and they were expected to educate their daughters of all matters …show more content…

They do everything in favor of the “black folks”. Each time a colored person is “wrongly accused” or “killed for no reason”, this group takes to the media and protests to make it seem as so. The purpose is to help the black man no longer be oppressed. (Black Lives Matter) Although, by them assuming that the white man is out for vengeance, and that every white man is racist towards the blacks, it turns the tables and makes the African Americans look like the prejudice group. Groups like this are fighting racism with racism, which is not a sufficient way to get rid of the problem. Racism would disappear without groups like this, the colored people would get what they want – equality. No single group of people should have the upper hand, no single race’s lives matter – not black, not white, everyone should be equal. Under the Constitution every American is equal no one person has any more rights than the other regardless of

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