Gender Oppression In A Temporary Matter

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This gender bias is not just limited to theoretical level, but it prevails in every aspect of society women are seen and treated as subordinate to men. Women's place in family, the basic institution of society, is always seen as secondary and marginalized. Traditional family institutions set men as head of the family whereas women are designed to play secondary roles of house-keeping and child rearing. As it happens in most of the Hindu culture where men are always entitled to authority and allowed to dominate over the women of the family and in the most cases it is hereditary in nature. This patriarchal subordination and oppression has often compelled women to be trapped within this system and which continues to stay with them and they cannot free themselves from it even when they are far away from their homeland. …show more content…

Both of them could not recover from the loss and gradually their relationship started falling apart. Each one felt uncomfortable in each other’s presence and it was because of a forced blackout for eight consecutive nights to repair damage done by an ice storm that made them unmask their deepest fears and thoughts to each other. The loss of their baby did irreparable damage to both of them, while before the birth of the baby, Shukumar used to love his work but the trauma of the death of his infant makes him lose interest in his work as before the incident “…he had been diligent if not dedicated, summarizing chapters, outlining arguments on pads with yellow lined paper. But now he would lie in their bed until he grew bored…”

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