Genesis 14: The Seven People In The Bible

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dove did not return. After the water subsided and things returned to normal, God made a covenant with Noah. God said “never again will I destroy the earth with a flood and God sealed this covenant to Noah with the sign of a bow saying. “ I do set my bow in the cloud and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth”. Genesis 9: 13. It is important to note that this was not the first time that a bow was seen; but it was the first time it was used as an eternal reminder of a covenant between God and mankind. The bow is referred to as a rainbow because it is generally seen following the rain fall. The rainbow will always be seen where water falls and sunshine exist. The colors in the Rainbow is of different significant …show more content…

From the create on of the world

until Noah’s flood the Bible tells us of seven men who lived to the ripe full years far beyond nine

hundred years. Genesis chapter five to chapter nine speaks of the first man Adam after his third child

Seth lived and died at the ripe age of nine hundred and thirty years old. Seth had Enos after which

He died at the age of nine hundred and twelve years. Enos fathered Cainan, Cainan lived and died at

the age of nine hundred and ten years. Mahalaleed Cainan’s son had Jered. Jered died at the age of

nine hundred and sixty-two years old. Jered descendent was Enoch. Enoch was the seventh man …show more content…

Geneses 3:24. Immediately following the fall the second period of testing (of conscience) began and focuses still on Adam. This test had to do with man’s conscience. By disobedience man came to a personal knowledge of good and of evil, of good in obedience and of evil in disobedience to the known will of God. Through this knowledge man’s conscience was awaken. McGee said: “This period lasted from about 4000B C to about 2350B C “4 and extended from Genesis 3:22-7:23.” Michael Houdmann said: “This dispensation demonstrated what man will do if left to his own will and conscience, which had been tainted by the inherited sin nature” 5. In this dispensation man was governed by his conscience. Man’s responsibility was to obey God. He is to follow his conscience and do what is right and avoid evil. If he falls and do evil he has the responsibility to offer to God an offering for forgiveness, but very often man yield to self and ignore God’ instruction therefore, evil became rampant in the world. Geneses 3:21; 4:4. Man again was disobedient. With very little instruction from God during this time, man acted according to his own desire. Evil became overwhelming. This dispensation also ended when God destroyed all but righteous Noah and his family in the great flood. The third Dispensation of Human Government under the Noahic Covenant began subjecting humanity to a new test. This period lasted until the call of Abraham. McGee said:

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