Gentrification In Big Cities

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Gentrification is a problem that has taken place in many major cities across the country, and is an even bigger problem today. As gentrification becomes more common, it has become more controversial, too. Gentrification is the process in which urban neighborhoods or cities get rebuilt or renovated, resulting in increased property values and eviction of lower-income families and small businesses. Gentrification normally takes place in bigger cities like D.C, Boston, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Nashville, and Baltimore. The purpose of the process is to improve and upgrade cities to make them more presentable and efficient. Gentrification is a problem that can both hurt and harm a city or community. Big cities are known for their history. However, cities…show more content…
Gentrification is important when it comes to make things advanced and enhanced, but isn’t it important to keep the old and original, too? Although the point of gentrification is to make things better, many people argue that it is just as important to keep the original things, too. Gentrification takes out the old, therefore stripping original cultures or practices that had developed in the community. Neighbors create close connections and bonds with each other. They do things for each other, help each other, and they develop their own cultures and ideas within their own community. It is their sense of belonging and home in their neighborhood. It is unique to them, but “painful to them when their culture is demolished.” (Source 1) When what they all created specially within each other for each other is taken away, it starts problems that they did not have to deal with before. After their culture is taken away, they have nothing that makes them feel native or normal in their own neighborhoods anymore. Garance Ruta grew up on U-Street, a historically black neighborhood in D.C, and they had their own bonds and culture with each other. Although it was historically black, he remember his home as being “very diverse.” (Source 3) There were born blacks, latins, gay people, straight people; a lot of different people in one neighborhood. He remembered…show more content…
Inflation occurs because the prices of rent and housing are too high. Original residents are being forced out of their homes because they can't afford to live there anymore. In a lot of cases, gentrification happens without the consent of the original residents. It is unfair that they have to deal with the consequences of something they didn't ask for. A bond and culture are created in a community when people of that community come together. Traditions are made. Local customs are formed. For example, in D.C., it is a tradition in some neighborhoods to host charitable cookouts the first Saturday of every month. When the original inhabitants moved out, the new ones moved in, and the tradition was lost. In a lot of major cities including D.C., there are “hole in the wall” restaurants which are restaurants that are family owned. These types of restaurants offer a variety of international cuisine. Gentrification replaces them with chain stores and restaurants, and the culture is then lost as well. It is inhumane to force people out of their homes because they can't afford it and it is unfair to put a stop to traditions and remove community

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