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In the book " Geography of Bliss" by Eric Weiner, he is set off to a journey to find the happiest country around the globe including Switzerland, Bhutan, Qatar, and Iceland to search and discover how happiness is define and what are the things that make people happy in that country. He discovered that happiness cannot just only find inside yourself, but it is a function of place. Cultural values and traits have an effect and influence on the degree of happiness. According to Weiner, in Switzerland, "Swiss go to great lengths not to provoke envy in others" (Page 31) in one of their way that makes people in their country happy. Swiss don't let envy to enter their minds because they know that money is a great enemy of happiness. When it comes …show more content…

This country is known as one of the wealthiest country in the world. They are on the list of highest GDP per capita due to the export of oil and gas to different countries. Qatar is also known as one of the country with the best airlines which is Qatar airways that is awarded with 5 star rating y Skytrax. All this information all comes down that money is what makes people happy is Qatar. Weiner stated as he traveling in Qatar that, "Maybe the secret to happiness is money. Lots of money. And if money can buy happiness, or at least rent it for a while, then surely Qatar, by some measures the wealthiest country in the world, must also be the happiest"(Page ) . Weiner discovered how wealthy Qatar is, from their Airways, to luxury hotels, designer clothing stores and expensive cars and not only material things, but they also make their school for student to get the same education and same degree as what American student gets in America. When Weiner interviewed and asked Moza if money can buy happiness, she stated that, " “No, not exactly. But luxury facilitates your happiness. It helps. You need money to travel first class, to go all around the world to stay in luxury hotels"(Page ). It says that because of nouveau riche, Qataris seeks and crave for validation. They try to do things that will make them noticeable using money and accomplish their goals again y using money. In Bhutan, money has no value for them. Money is not part or ways that makes them happy in life .According to Karma, “Money sometimes buys happiness. You have to break it down, though. Money is a means to an end. The problem is when you think it is an end in itself. Happiness is relationships, and people in the west think money is needed for relationships. But it’s not. It comes down to trustworthiness".(Page

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