To What Extent Can Money Buy Happiness Essay

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Can Money Buy Happiness? In today’s materialistic world that we live in, the phrase that ‘can money buy happiness?’ is an often asked question. There is no right or wrong answer but only peoples opinions and people always think their opinions are right. Money is an easy way to gain happiness since in our daily lives we need money for food, shelter, and keeping ourselves healthy, which are necessities for having a happy life. Aside from using money for basic needs, money can also buy happiness by allowing one to buy time, live life to the fullest, and live freely without having to worries.
First of all, money can buy you time, time is definite and stubborn, meaning that time time is constantly moving forwards and does not stop for anything. There is only so much of it, and no matter how long we complain about not having enough, it will never give us a 25 hour day even when we turn in our request for more time to finish a project before the deadline. According to an article in the Time magazine Dan Gilbert, Harvard University psychology professor said, “ Use your money to buy moments and not stuff, the key is to spend your money on experiences and not material things. Memories of people, places and activities, however, never get old.” Also to buy time means to use your money on things that will save …show more content…

But if you think of all the pros as to how and why money can buy happiness it can change the mindset of an individual and they can decide whether or not the statement is true. Some of the pros as to how money can buy happiness is that you can buy time, live your life to the fullest and live life freely without worries. As we all know money is a necessity to be able to live in the world, without it we would all probably be in quite a dilemma, as would have to strive and find ways to live. This is why money is an important aspect of life which allows people to live a happy

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