George And Lennie In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Mice and men tell the story of 2 migrant worker, George and Lennie who have been who have been let off a bus mile away from the CA farm where they had to begin their work. George is tiny in size and a dark man with a knifelike healthy characteristic. Lennie in comparison with George is the opposite. He a big man with a formless face. Overwhelmed with thirst. George and Lennie stopped near a gap in an nearby area by the pool and made a decision to camp for the night. As George and Lennie talk to each other it became crystal clear that Lennie has a temperate mental disability and is completely committed to George and is helpless upon him for his guardianship and counseling. George discover that Lennie has a very strong liking of petting soft thing but he end up killing them anyways and Lennie has been carrying around a …show more content…

George grumbles loudly that his life would not be difficult if he didn’t have to care for Lennie. The person who read this have a feeling of animated being that their friendship and commitment is shared. George and Lennie have the same dream of buy their own ranch on a farm someday. The next following day. The men had reported that in a nearby ranch. George felt alarmed that his boss will respond to Lennie and in which George insist that he said he will do all the talking. George lies and said that they traveled together and George also said that they are cousin and that one of the horse kicked Lennie in the head in his childhood. George and Lennie got hired and they both met candy, who was an old maintenance person or a handy man who was missing a hand and had an ancient dog. George and Lennie also met curly who was the boss mean spirited son. Curly just got married and is greedy of his provocative wife. Curly was full of jealously. When George and Lennie was alone in the bunkhouse. Curly wife started to flirt with

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