George And Lennie In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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• There was evening brightness about 10 o’ clock ,Slim and Lennie are walking to the bunk house. George tell that Lennie's Aunt clara used to tease him so he become very dumb and so crazy. George also tell Slim that Lennie used to frightened a couple of girl in weed with his petting. There were talking a moment then Calson come in the bunk house door and complaining about wafting off of Candy's dog. Slim was lie on the bed and while Carlson take his gun the dog walk out from the bunkhouse. George pretend want to play a card then a moment later a gun shot is heard. Then Crook poke his head in the bunk house. Crook is a guy who take care of a horse and own a private room. George and Lennie did not see Crook for while because he has to live alone
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