George Orwell's 1984: Will The United States Become A Big Brother Nation?

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George Orwell is the author of the famous novel 1984 and is a story about malevolent world that he envisions will be like in the future. His ideas of the future involves technology advancements that give the government power to watch the citizens and oppressive ruling elite that strictly governs the activities of the population with an “iron fist.” The core question of 1984 is how close our technology is to becoming a Big Brother nation? I believe that there is two answer to this difficult question. The United States watches what we do but in a different way compared to Big Brother which just wants take and keep control over their citizens. The real question is, will the United States ever become an Orwellian country and if so in what time period? In the book of 1984 it is a ginormous prediction of how the United States will run when the technology advancements are created and the United States can go in to people’s privacy and take power over the citizens. In the article called “That’s No Phone. That’s My Tracker,” an article in The New York Times by Peter Maass and Megha Rajagopalan talks about how the United States government can track any smart phone, can see their search history, and can hack into people’s phone calls whenever they want. All of these example’s of what the government does now has been predicted in 1984 but I believe that …show more content…

walls that watch the people and listen to them. They have thought police which look for people that doublethink and crime-think. The own citizens rat each other out to the party. The U.S. looks and tracks our cellphones, has video camera’s in the streets, etc. Which can be similar to Big Brother but are doing this for completely different reasons. I do not believe that the United States can ever really become a true Orwellian society just because of the way they use the technology advancements to their advantage to help protect this

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