George Washington's Key Characteristics Of The Revolutionary War

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Cason Albert
HIS 201
Dr. Sherling
18 November, 2016
George Washington The Revolutionary War to this day is one of the most important wars in our nation’s history. Without leaders like George Washington the country we live in today may not exist. Despite his little experience in a commanding position, Washington’s strong leadership was the backbone that held the American military together long enough to solidify a victory at Yorktown and independence for America. A few key characteristics that George Washington had that made him so impactful were his ability to lead and motivate, his brilliant battle tactics, and his humbleness are all reasons why the colonists pulled off one of history’s greatest upsets by defeating the most distinguished …show more content…

The conflict came to light from growing tensions between the people of Great Britain’s 13 North American colonies and the colonial government. Clashes between British troops and colonial militiamen in Lexington and Concord in April 1775 started the armed conflict, and by the next summer, the rebels were conducting a war for their independence. In 1778, the colonists were given help from the French during the American Revolution when they decided to side with the colonists, making it a conflict of internationals proportion. When the French blockaded the port at Yorktown helping the Americans force British surrender, American victory as well as independence from the British followed. However, fighting would not end in Louisiana until 1783. Tensions had been building between colonists and the British authorities for over ten years before the revolutionary war. The British government tried to raise revenue by taxing the colonies. They were met with angry colonists who protested against these actions. The colonists felt bitter about their lack of representation in Parliament and wanted the same rights as other British citizens. In 1770 …show more content…

So he develops an almost guerrilla warfare like strategy. If forced to confront, they slowly fall back. Having fought with the British at one time helps him greatly with his plans and tactics against them. In a quote from Mark Feldstein, Professor, at the University of Maryland he states “George Washington was a guerrilla leader. When he crossed over the Delaware River, he was using guerrilla tactics – stealth - to do it, and no one was expecting it to happen.” In March 1776, Washington and his troops have their first victory defeating the British in Boston. The British fall back and Washington moves his army to New York

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